How to heal yourself, & others, & Affirmation

Reiki healing classes with Hazel in Oxford

Healing For Ourselves

*How to balance and heal your Chakra centers;-

  1. Begins by invoking archangel Raphael and asking him to guide your hands.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position and ensure you are not disturbed during the session. Play smoothing background music to relax your mind.
  3. Rub your hands to charge, from a cotton ball.
  4. Ask Archangel Raphaël to send you a sphere of emerald green healing energy. Sense this healing energy floating above your head.
  5. starting with your root Chakra, place your hands gently on your body and allow it to fill with healing energy. When your intuition tells you to, move on your sacral chakra and repeat the process.
  6. Your hands on the top of the head, link with your higher self.
  7. To finish, breathe in the emerald green light. When you feel ready, bring your awareness back to everyday waking awareness.

Healing For Other

  1. Decide to whom you are sending the healing.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly in cool water and pat water.
  3. Sit quietly in a comfortable chair, take several deep relaxing breathes and summon archangel Raphael.
  4. Begin to sanitize your hands by shaking them gently. Then rub palms together rapidly in circular motion times to build the surface.

*As Demonstrated in the Workshop;-


  1. I accept this love from God and the angels.
  2. I deserve love.
  3. I deserve happiness.
  4. I deserve health.
  5. I am love.
  6. I accept the angel’s love.
  7. I accept love.
  8. I know that God and Angels love me and a guiding me right now.
  9. My inner Guidance is everything I need.
  10. I follow my guidance in full faith.

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