How to feel reiki energy? (In English)

*First we know what Reiki means?

Reiki means life giving power. The Reiki that we talk about after making Shakti Pat, what energy is there when we heal by calling Reiki, which helps us to cure our diseases and we can solve our other problems. This is the same energy that is spread everywhere in the universe. For this, I will tell you a method from which you will be able to see this energy. Like come out and make a point towards the sky, where you have to look carefully. If you look at the eyes a little, then after a minute you will see that there will appear like a small white light, which we also call as firefly, the Reiki energy that we heal with is the energy of the universe.

*How to feel energy?

The energy that we cannot see and we do not know what the Reiki energy is talking about, what is the Reiki energy, how it is, neither do we think much about it nor question it Find it. If you want to increase your healing power, then do this method once daily, what will happen if the life force that is in the universe, the power with which we are alive, will come into us. This will mean that we are messaging that energy that I love you very much and I love you so much, I want to keep my relationship with you, so I see you one to two minutes every day. My healing power will increase because my connection with him is very good. Just like we are in constant contact with a person, our way of life is very deep and in times of crisis we take care of each other. In the same way, if we keep the connection with energy, then the relationship will be deepened. With this, when I do healing, my healing will be fast, that is, the energy that we have given the message that I want to do healing, then you work fast for me. Therefore, if you heal any person in the world, then your partner will get his result very soon.

“When everything is within us then why bother asking them for anything from God, it is better to only heal with energy.”

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