Who are the Archangels and their duties ?

About Archangels;-

Archangels are the most powerful group of angels and they act as extensions of spirit . You don’t have to belong to any certain religion to work with the Archangels . They will helps all those who are signed by trainer . Archangels are so big and powerful that they can help everyone who calls on at the same time. So, as you work with the angels, don’t worry that you are asking questions that are too small and unimportant or that you are pulling them away from someone else who needs them more. They can help all of us at the same time . We just have to ask .

As humans, we have free will . This means that the angels will not interview in our lives unless we ask them for help . The only exception to this rule is when we are in a life-threatening situation before our time . Other than that extreme circumstances, the angels will watch and wait quietly for your invitation to help.

How to ask the Angels for help?

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“Archangels, please help me with [describe your problem] . I’ m confused and I don’t know what to do . Please show me which direction to go for my highest good.” When you know more about each of the Archangels and their specialty powers, you can call on each angel specifically, depending on your situation . That’s why I have created this guide! Don’t Feel like you have to memorize this entire list. If you can’t remember which angel is which right away, then just say a general prayer to the Archangels . And ask Archangel Zadkiel to help you with your memory, because that is his specialty!

Asking the Archangels for help is simple . You don’t have to say or do anything fancy. you don’t have to worry about saying the right or wrong words because the angels won’t judge you . You don’t have to worry about saying the right or wrong words because the angels won’t judge you . You can speak Your request out loud, think it in your mind, or write the angels a letter about your situation . Simply say something like .

All you have to do is ask and the angels will come to you and assist you . Sometimes you will see evidence of their intercession right away . Other times you will have to wait a little while to notice how they are helping and what they are doing .

Signs that angels are helping You ;-

Depending on the situation, you can receive all kinds of different signs that the archangels and near you and helping you . If you get the feeling that something is a message from your angels, then it probably is! Here are a few universal signs from the angels :

  • While feathers that appear where there is no obvious source .
  • Feeling a shift in energy or a tingling sensation after calling on the Angels .
  • Things Working out better than you could have planned .
  • your prayers being answered .

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