About All Pyramids

3 STRIPS PYRAMID-(To paste on Applications-)

  • Doors
  • Handbag, Purse
  • Toilet, Bathroom, Kitchen

Advance Midaas Pyramid

  • For health and mind Wellness
  • For Deeply Meditate.
  • To Attract more peace and happiness in your life.
  • Put this pyramid in your bedroom for better Relationship.

Aum Super Nano

  • Evil Protector
  • Protect from Black-Magic
  • Increases Purity

Golden Tathastu Pyramid

  • Energize 10,000 sq. ft
  • Anti-Radiative
  • Super fast result given by this pyramid

Pyramid Frame

  • Supercharge any Place, Object or person most economically.
  • Boost your Productivity, sales & Profit

Labh Namo

  • For Profit/benefits in business.
  • To get benefit in life
  • To Attract the things you wants.

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