Books of All Courses with CD

Books of All Courses with CD


In the book of Reiki first degree, you will get all the information related to Reiki –

In this book and CD you will know what is Reiki? And what is not Reiki? In this, all the information related to Reiki is told in very deep and how can you learn the history of Reiki and Reiki in this book and CD? What will you gain by learning Reiki?
And the most important thing in this Reiki first level is that you have 24 healing methods and how to heal on 24 points, the whole process is given in this book and CD. Sari information is given about how to practice Reiki and how we will benefit from doing it.


In the book of Reiki second degree, you will get all the information related to Reiki –

The Second Degree class provides the participant with the opportunity to attune to higher levels of Reiki energy. The initiation of Second Degree also attune a person to the symbols, which are used at this level to perform absentee and a stronger form of mental/ emotional healing. As second degree activities another level of energy (an amplification of vibratory level in both the physical and etheric bodies), you will again experienced in connection with an even finer level of vibration. Additional techniques for your growth and further development are also taught at this level .


In the book of Reiki third degree, you will get all the information related to Reiki –

When you use the method mentioned in the book of Reiki third level, then when you use that method, your power will increase by 40 times. When you level Reiki first, your power increased by 20 times and when you level Reiki second, your power increased by 40 times and when you level Reiki third, it will increase by 40 times. In the third level, you are empowered with Master Symbol and Money Symbol so that you can solve any of your problems. Mainly using Money Symbol is most beneficial for you because it brings positive energy in your life, then you start pulling wealth and start getting rich.


All the methods of becoming a Reiki teacher are described in this book and CD. When you are training for a Reiki teacher course, then at that time you are taught how to strengthen your student of Reiki I, Reiki II. The entire method of performing Shaktipat is taught systematically. After learning the Reiki Master’s degree, you become eligible to take training in Reiki teachership. It is taught that till now you have eliminated many of your teacher’s illnesses, stresses, complications by healing and you have gained a lot of experience in healing others’ problems and illnesses through direct and remote healing. . Through the Reiki Grand Master, you are trained in Reiki teachership. You can get this training online at home or at the center. When you complete this training course, then you are told how to strengthen other students.
In this book and CD, other people have been told about the sari methods of training the first Reiki, second and third classes, as well as the strong methods of healing themselves and others.


Reiki Grandmaster is a person who has been in the practice for years and has almost reached the Buddha stage. Reiki Teacher level attunement 25 High Vibrational Symbol’s Kundalini Jagran meditation Learn to remove spirit attacks Learn to attune for Reiki 1st Degree Learn to attune for Reiki 2nd Degree Learn to attune Master Degree Learn the method of distance attunement In this course you will get a Book, CD, and Certificate The attunement of the Reiki Grand Master is a very important method in which the Reiki instructor seeker initiates Reiki. In this process, the seeker is permanently reconciled with universal energy. It is a very secretive and irreplaceable experience for the seeker, which is mandatory for any Reiki seeker, only after the process of attunement can someone officially become Reiki. Can transmit energy.


Angel Therapy describes the actions of 15 Archangels, their properties and their miracles. 15 archangels are signed for you and the sign process is done during training. During healing, by healing seven chakras, at that time you are signed 15 archangels and connect to your soul and aura. After that, different works of 15 Archangel are explained in the book. A complete explanation of the 20 angels number is given as to what message you get when you write the angels number, and an explanation of the 20 switchwords, how to use these switchwords and how they help you. In this book of Angel Basic course you are taught automatic writing and reading of Angel cards and Angel calling process. Apart from this, a full explanation has been given about who the Angels are and where they live and how they help us. When you touch, you come to know that the Angels are with you and are helping you. Angels stay with you all the time, you will be able to experience it with witness.


Welcome to the Archangel Advance Course. Through this whole course, you will be able to get unlimited knowledge by learning from the learning itself, as well as by teaching the Guars. There are many practical methods of angel numbers, SWITCHWPORDS and healing in advanced angel courses. By using all these methods, you will be able to cure diseases like you and others. You will be able to solve any kind of problems at the emotional, mental and physical level. When you enter Angel Advance Course, you get the power of 15 Archangel team. In every chapter of this book, along with new methods, solutions to all kinds of problems are described. After requesting 15 Archangel, you will continue to thank them and Angels will continue to do their work. The sign process is taught in this course. If you have any kind of negative energy effect then you will use these methods.


Every chapter of this book is going to teach you a lot. Read each method carefully and practice it carefully. Use it on yourself and others. You have to keep in mind that unless you practice one rule in a proper manner, do not go to another chapter. If you really want to use the knowledge described in this book correctly, then proceed to practice one chapter each. Always keep this book with you. After reading this book, there will be no need to study another book for further information about hypnosis. Study this book and eliminate the problems in your life.

  • Role_
  • Hypnosis is a great discipline in itself, with the power of hypnosis, any person can get the solution of the problems of his life. Hypnosis has been the history of this world, when you go on turning the pages of history, then you will see that those pages are written in golden letters that any person can subdue another human or animal by capturing them. . You must have heard the name of the magician, you have heard the name of captivity or someone is possessed by witchcraft.
  • Methods are different but this method is also in the form of hypnosis. But some people have misused these disciplines, subdued others and received their desired things, so at the beginning of this book you should know that hypnosis is not to be misused.
  • This knowledge is to be used for the good and welfare of people.
  • Use this knowledge in truth and give good life to people. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel hypnotized himself and underwent the operation of a large boil next to his hand in his consciousness and kept watching it, that is the power of hypnosis. In the same way, any person can do the greatest thing by hypnotizing himself.
  • Many deities have used this shakti correctly, in the same way you also have to use this power in the right way and do well for yourself and others.


The book of Attract Money and Mind Programming is enough to change your life. By reading this book all the people of the world can be able to make the biggest changes in their lives. This book has been told all such natural rules, the rules which will be used by any person in his life, there is sure to be a positive change in the life of that person. All you have to do is follow the rules stated in this book. By adopting these rules, you will be able to use the unlimited powers hidden in your brain. We all want to be intelligent as human beings, want to get wealth in our life, then this book is for you. You should read this book, teach it to your family members because you and all of us want to make our lives good, want positive changes, earn money. This change will lead to positive economic and spiritual transformation of the society. So friends! Get ready. Change your life by reading this book and achieve everything you want.

  • How to get rid of debt
  • How to attract money?
  • Principles of Attraction.
  • Four rules for becoming rich.
  • Mantra to get wealth.
  • The secret to getting wealth and prosperity.
  • Affirmation to attract money.
  • Affirmation to increase business.
  • Advantages of brain programming.
  • Affirmation for ideas.


When you want to achieve God or any other goal in your life, then your whole life becomes based on your thoughts and feelings. You can achieve a goal only after concentrating yourself. To get money, money, money, house, house, car, servants and other facilities, you have to use unlimited powers of your brain and this book describes how to use your brain’s unlimited powers. All the symbols of Money Reiki, they increase your brain powers and work for you. All these symbols are demolished during the training of Money Reiki Course. All these symbols are already proven. When you get unlimited benefits of these symbols, then you start achieving richness, success, happiness and prosperity in your life. When you do money Reiki, people around you will benefit, then your profit will increase manifold. All the symbols of money reiki are very real