Reiki Second Level

Reiki Second Level

The Second Degree class provides the participant with the opportunity to attune to higher levels of Reiki energy. The initiation of Second Degree also attunes a person to the symbols, which are used at this level to perform absentee and a stronger form of mental/ emotional healing. As second degree activates another level of energy (an amplification of vibratory level in both the physical and etheric bodies). Additional techniques for your growth and further development are also taught at this level. 

A person achieves higher levels of energy in Reiki seconds degrees. In this class a person receives some symbol (sign), by which he can send Reiki power to the absent (remote) person, so that he can also develop mental and emotional development. Even after a second degree, a purification process of twenty-one days is necessary so that the person’s chakra is balanced with a high level of energy, special procedures are also put in place for the development of personality

Reiki Second Degree | Himalayan Yoga Academy | Yoga For All

•Learn how to heal your body with symbols. •3 powerful symbols for better healing sessions •Heal the problems by using Imagination method. • Release the Emotions by Dead People Healing Meditation • Relationship Healing. • learn how to cleanse yourself and others with symbols. •Learn how to shield and Protect by Negative Energy. In this course you will get a Book, CD, and Certificate

The second degree class is told to you three symbols, which help you to concentrate the mind, so that Reiki power can be sent over time and distance. These symbols flow Reiki power to those who have attained the second level power of Reiki. These signs act as the focal point for the mind of the practitioner, so that Reiki energy can be sent over a long distance and mental and emotional healing is possible.

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