Reiki Grand Master

Reiki Grand Master

Reiki Grandmaster is a person who has been in the practice for years and has almost reached the Buddha stage. Reiki Teacher level attunement 25 High Vibrational Symbol’s Kundalini Jagran meditation Learn to remove spirit attacks Learn to attune for Reiki 1st Degree Learn to attune for Reiki 2nd Degree Learn to attune Master Degree Learn the method of distance attunement In this course you will get a Book, CD, and Certificate. 

The attunement of the Reiki Grand Master is a very important method in which the Reiki instructor seeker initiates Reiki. In this process, the seeker is permanently reconciled with universal energy. It is a very secretive and irreplaceable experience for the seeker, which is mandatory for any Reiki seeker, only after the process of attunement can someone officially become Reiki. Can transmit energy.

In Reiki Grandmaster you are given 25 symbols attuned. After training for Reiki Grand Master, you can also train any person for Reiki training and healing for others. The person who trains up to Reiki Grandmaster then becomes Reiki Grandmaster.

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