Satya is an Expert Motivational Speaker, Inspirational coach & leader, Reiki trainer and Published Author. He helps people to change their belief & thought pattern, more success and happiness in their lives through better communication, positive thinking and different Healing Powers. He is Chairman / Director of Midaas Secrets Acadamy pvt. Ltd. Which has been conducting Seminars/Trainings based on Law of Attraction and Therapies. Which has been conducting Workshops and Training based on Mind Programming, Attract Money Methods, Self help, Reiki and Angel Therapy, Parenting, Spirituality development, Health and Relationship wellness. 5 books of Satya ji have been published, which are selling very fast in india and abroad. Such magic and secrets of thoughts have been hidden in the books of Satya ji, by reading and applying it in your life, you will be filled with prosperity. Satya ji is providing free service to people through YouTube Channel, all of his trainings are also available online and people from abroad are learning that knowledge by taking online trainings and changing their lives.