“If you do business then definitely know this secret”

"Anytime any action affects you first of all, so impress yourself before affecting others."

If you want to rise in your eyes, but you cannot elevate your vision. First of all, it is important that if you want to be high in your own eyes, then your vision has to be elevated. If you have raised your point of view then no one can stop you from becoming tall. Everyone wants to grow up in their life, wants to be high, wants to move forward, wants to succeed, wants to be good, wants to be great, wants to succeed, wants to be good, wants to be great and Tries to prove its arguments good. Many people go on to become good by their logic, by their role, by principle, and to become high, but in many cases there are situations in which, despite being good, despite being good, in spite of being good, not being good Do you know why? This happens because he tries to humiliate the front man in his eyes.

If you want to be tall, want to rise, want to be big, then do not try to become big by showing the front down, that is, do not try to become tall, do not try to become big by showing small, shock on it. Do not try to become big by doing it, do not waste yourself by ruining others. If you do this, you will never be able to rise high in your life. This thinking is small thinking and this is negative thinking, this attitude is not good, it is not high, it is not big, it is low, why? Just like you have any person, whether it is your family member, your relative, friend, your customer, if you try to make him appear small in any way by behaving on your behalf, that is, in front of you By no means is it like a shopkeeper to make the customer feel that brother look you have come to take me, you are needy, I am sitting to give you, you need me, so you have come to me. Thinking this, he talks about such things to his customer, if he lowers him, then he feels sad and elevates himself. So try, think and consider whether that customer will ever visit that shopkeeper again? Will not go.

That is why it has been said that if there is a form of God, then the shopkeeper and the true merchants understand that what will be his views on our shop? How would he look? How will it be? If he sees that customer from God’s perspective. This means that the shopkeeper respects his customer as God and how should he treat that God? He treats a person like that, talks very fondly, smiles very well, and helps the customer in whatever he wants, tries to get the customer who has come. He gets that thing, he gets the right thing, but there are a lot of shopkeepers who do not understand the customer and forcefully try to sell the goods to the customer, trying to rob him like if a customer has come, he can get his goods. Whenever someone tries to sell it, under any condition, in any direction, by doing anything, anyone tries to sell the goods to the customer by reading a reverse strip, then in such a situation the shopkeeper is himself Took it down, did not show the customer high, that is, in his view, the customer is small and hence he behaved like this. As soon as the customer gets to know this, the customer never goes to that shop and people who are true merchants, people who are Seth, who really know the fund of business, they always look high to the customer because They know that if I made the customer high, raised himself in front of him, respected him, gave the goods well and set the right price, then the customer will never forget us, he will come to us next time too.

In this way, people who rise really high, have very high vision, those who rise high can only become high in their eyes. Those who know to respect others, those people are able to respect the other, that is, those who keep themselves elevated in their eyes, they raise others in their eyes because they know that if others In our eyes, we will be able to rise higher, only then we will be able to rise higher, this means that raising the attitude means that you are preparing a way to live your life in a better way. If you follow this changed attitude in your life, then surely your life will change.

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