How to do reiki healers group healing

"The secret is that Reiki energy is divine energy, but divine energy is the energy with in you." 

If any one client heals five healers or ten healers together to heal, then he will get healing in a very short time, as if he has to heal a full body to any person or any sick person. He has fever, cancer, diabetes, any kind of disease, and then ten people in your team, how to heal him together, first of all, you should give him a glass of lukewarm water. After that, to relax her, she said, Relax and take a deep breath and stick the tongue in her palate. He said, stick your tongue in the palate. A clean place is a place of healing.

After that, everyone removes the negativity in the saltwater and cleanse its body first before everyone joins. So in a minute everyone will get together and clean them, clean the whole body and everything else. After that, keep him upright and ten people of ten cannot put their hands together on top of his body, keep hands slightly above 4 inches. And sit around surrounded.
Ten people of ten take the space to sit, take the entire space, cover the area completely and they sit in the middle, at least assume that there is a room of ten by ten. Lie on it at the center point in the middle and sit around it and sit at a distance, sit at a distance of two meters. So that there is space and everybody draws the symbol “Se he ki” over it, then draws “Cho Koo Rei” and then heals it. It is perfectly healthy. Healing, calming, its cells are active. Is, everything is normal, the temperature is normal, thyroid is normal, the root cycle is activated, the charge is balance, it is ten of the hillers start giving affirmation. Some are saying heel, some are saying that they are happy, some one is calm, someone is full of love, some is saying that they are children of God, some are saying that their negativity is getting removed, some is speaking Here is the total positivity.

In this way, everyone in their own way, everyone who starts giving different affirmations means very fast and it is completely healing, healing, health, being happy, healthy, happy Is, is quiet, is in bliss, is in love, is normal, life is good, life is getting rich, prosperous, relationship is good, business is growing, money is coming, money is coming. It is near, its life is getting calm, it is becoming happy. He continued speaking for 20 minutes and kept both hands on his side in a posture of blessing. Now everyone is taking it in the middle and lying on it in the posture of blessing, do this for ten minutes, after that, rotate it on the stomach, the client, the patient and then one is sitting in the back side, head towards someone One is sitting on the side, some on the left side of the stomach, some on the right side, all of them are sitting around and all are sitting and healing that their negativity is coming out.

You have kept the shield again and again and again to make the shield, we will not ask you to first make the shield, then clean it and then heal and give the information that we told that its entire disease with in one hour will be completely finished. It will be done. If some disease will remain, then do it the next day, ie if he has cancer, diabetes, if he has such diseases for one month continuously, then his cancer will be completely eradicated, if ten people do healing, then group healing is very It only matters. Try to do group healing as much as possible. As many people may join the group and do healing in the same way. Any patient will definitely be cured. No matter what it is.

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