8 points of Archangel Meditation to connect All Angel

Archangel Auriel – Dr Derek Smith

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 20 to 30 minutes, such as in bed at night, when falling asleep . Close your eyes , relax your body, and breathe normally . Allow your attention to focus on the experience of your body and the movements of your chest and stomach around your body.

2. Let yourself imagine that you can feel a presence along the right side of your body and the right side of your face . It can feel like a subtle pressure, a tingling, a vibration, heat coolness, or some other sensation . If you can not feel anything, simply think that something is next to you, almost toughing you on your right side.

3. Give this experience on the right side the name of Michael . The Archangel Michael is often viewed as the messenger of God . Whatever this may mean to you, pretend that the messenger of God is totally present on your right side . Be with this experience for a while .

4. When you are ready, imagine another presence on your left side. Feel the pressure, just like on your right . This is the archangel Gabriel, which is known to represent the strength of God . You can experience both sides simultaneously – the messenger of God on your right, the strength of God on your right, the strength of God on your left . Stay with experience for a while.

5. Allow yourself to sense something behind you, anywhere along your backside, particularly as you are sitting or lying down . Imagine this is part of what is holding you up . This is the archangel Raphael , generally known as the healing power of God . Now you can do all These simultaneously ; Michael the messenger, on the right, Gabriel the strength, on your left, Raphael, the healer, supporting, you from behind .

6. Next with your eyes still loused, imagine a light is shining ahead of you, in front of your face . Allow it to be as bright as you can . This is the archangel Uriel, the light of God . Now you are surrounded on the 4 sides: messenger, strength, healing and light .

7. Finally, imagine a huge, benevolent cloud of light hovering above your body. Surrounding you with love, enveloping you with tender protection, cradling you in the softest, most peaceful state of mind you have ever experienced. Surrounded by angels, you are also in the arms of infinite kindness, absolute security and safety .

8. If you are in bed . this is a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. If you are sitting up, stay as long as you wish in this state of mind . When you are ready to end the meditation . however , do not get up too abruptly . It is better if you are able to reverse the process. Slowly allowing the angels one by one making sure they do not go to far away but give you freedom of movement .


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