Angel Basic Therapy

Angel Basic Therapy

Angel Therapy is one of the best methods of clearing our blocks. • 15 Archangels works , Affirmations, and calling process • Seven chakra by Archangels • Distance healing by Angels • Angels Healing for Financial growth, Physical & Mental wellness •Healing for Students/ Children •Automatic writing to receive the divine guidance of Angels • Angel Card Reading Technic • How to fulfill your wishes by Angelic Healing • Know the archangels for Specific problem • Learn how to heal and Maintain relationships. 

Angels are invisible but with their help the results in our life are definitely visible. This means that Angels are not visible, but when they help us, then from what they see, we know that Angels are helping us. It is wrong to believe that what is not visible is not something, it is absolutely wrong. If we start believing this, then the first thing is that you have never seen the soul of your body. Have you ever seen a soul? Haven’t seen If you say that I have not seen the soul, I do not believe that there is no soul. When you believe that there is a soul, that is, you are alive, this is the proof, you are alive. This means that there is a reason, because of which you are alive. The reason you are in your body is the soul and you are alive, this is the proof.

If we determine someone’s future, then Archangel will use Raguel there. In the same way, Archangel Gabriel who promotes that work or business and helps us in that. This is how Archangel Michael provides protection. In the same way, Archangel Michael provides protection and if there is any problem in your work, then overcome any problem. This is how Archangel Uriel’s job is to guide. Suppose you got a job, you are healing for him that he got a new job, he started a job, so how should he do it? Archangel shows Uriel the route for him.

एंजेल थेरेपी क्या है? | 13th Television एंजेल थेरेपी क्या है?

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